This is snapshot of some of Queeny’s acts!

Videos of acts also available at: www.vimeo.com/queenyives

Queeny is always coming up with new ideas and loves collaborating on projects. Please get in contact to share your vision!


Feather Me Fancy

This feather fan striptease number is a fun and cheeky nod to a traditional burlesque staple with a fresh modern twist.


Till Death Do Us Part

A sinister tale of death and guilt, this dark gorelesque act will take you on an macabre adventure filled with twists and turns.


Sweet Like Candy

Hailing back to 1950’s Hollywood, this up-beat usherette pin-up striptease will make you hungry for popcorn, lollipops and much, much more!



Hand over their reins and be titillated into submission by Queeny in this fierce fetish number. Remember, consent is always sexy.


Evil Eye

You can’t escape the glare of the evil eye. Succumb to its power and await your fate in this comically freaky number.

(Pictures to come!)


Something Beautiful

Watch the horror unfold when this mannequin burlesque being realizes they are not human after all.



Twisted Tinker



This act is inspired by legendary Phoenix, a magical flaming bird, radiant and shimmering, which lives for several hundred years before it dies by bursting into flames to be reborn.


Flying High

This floating aerial act takes showgirl striptease to the skies.

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