Queeny Ives is a delicious slice of chocolate cake burlesque… Do you dare take a bite?

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Queeny combines classical dance training, a retro-glam vintage aesthetic and a desire to challenge social boundaries through art, all while being weird, wet and (almost) naked!

Sky Sirens Loved Up Campaign | The Black Light Sydney

Queeny stormed booty and pasties first into the world of burlesque rather unexpectedly in 2016 when they tripped on a feather boa and fell into a bucket of fake blood and sequins.

Dr Sketchy
Dr Sketchy’s Sydney | @pablotakesphotos

This Canadian-based bombshell from ‘down-under’ previously trained at the Arabesque Burlesque School in Montreal and at the Sky Sirens Studio in Sydney, where they were also a member of Porcelain Alice’s Diamond Burlesque troupe.

Kill of the Night
Arabesque Burlesque | The Wiggle Room | Vitor Munhoz

 With a diverse and ever growing portfolio of acts spanning showgirl and feather fan striptease to aerial, fetish and gore-inspired burlesque, there’s a little bit of Queeny to please every palette. Check out Queeny’s portfolio for more!

Burlesque in Hand | @pablotakesphotos

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