The Rouge Renegade of Burlesque

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This risqué rebel will reign over your heart all while being a little weird, a little wild and always a little wet. Queeny stormed booty and pasties first into the world of burlesque rather unexpectedly in 2017 when they tripped on a feather boa and fell into a cauldron of fake blood and sequins.

 Queeny combines their love for storytelling, dance and all things that creep and sparkle to delight your inner freak and smash social boundaries through art.

This proudly queer bombshell from ‘down-under’ previously trained at the Arabesque Burlesque School in Montreal and at the Sky Sirens Studio in Sydney, where they were also a member of Porcelain Alice’s Diamond Burlesque troupe.

Queeny continues to serve audiences a diverse and ever growing portfolio of acts. Check out Queeny’s portfolio for more!

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